About Me 

I am not your average Muslim girl. I am unapologetic and outspoken; strong like my grandmother who endured a lifetime of domestic violence, soft like my mother who practices compassion in the face of hatred. I am a first generation American born and raised in the Bay Area, a US citizen with privileges that altered my life in ways I will never know. 

I am a sociologist, public servant, and changemaker driven by my commitment to the collective liberation of all people and vision to live in a world free of gender-based violence. I work with communities to mobilize people. I trained over 200 people in bystander intervention through Allyship in the Age of Islamophobia workshops and founded the Gender Justice Center at Seattle University, where I worked with community stakeholders to facilitate healing and incite action for gender equity. I currently serve as the Bay Area  Director for Malikah, a non-profit which builds safety and capacity for women through healing spaces, financial literacy, self-defense training, and leadership development.  In addition, I advocate for cutting-edge policy at the intersection of technology and racial justice on issues like net neutrality at The Greenlining Institute in my role as the Technology Policy Fellow.

Following the teachings of the Quran which says “stand firm in justice even against yourself and your parents,” (4:135) I actively speak truth to power, practice freedom daily, and decolonize my mind. I believe that together we will be victorious, that one day I will live in a world without gender-based violence and any form of oppression. 

My expertise includes:

– Islamophobia and allyship workshops

– Organizational reform for diversity and inclusion

– Advancing gender justice using an intersectional lens

– Self-defense and bystander intervention classes

If you’d like to learn more about how my expertise can help your organization, please reach out to me.