About Haleema


Haleema is a policy advocate, public servant and bridge builder driven by her commitment to the collective liberation of all people. Uplifted by generations of women of color in her family, Haleema centers her work in compassion, justice, and service.

She believes in the power of people to make a positive change. She facilitates equity-focused workshops for advocates on topics including bystander intervention, Islamophobia, racial equity, and gender justice and has trained over 500 people.

Haleema is the Tech Equity Fellow at Greenlining where she co-leads strategy to increase home internet access in redlined communities and address algorithmic bias. Haleema brings her expertise on gender justice and Islamophobia to her tech equity advocacy, using an intersectional analysis to demonstrate how all oppression is connected.

Haleema serves as the Bay Area Director of Malikah, a nonprofit that builds safety and power for all women through self-defense, healing, financial literacy, and organizing. She is also a Board Member on the Muslim Democrats PAC of Alameda County that civically engages the Muslim community and holds elected officials accountable.

Haleema studied Sociology at Seattle University, where she founded the Gender Justice Center, a student-led organization that serves the needs of gender non conforming, transgender and female identifying students. Her views have been shared in Teen Vogue, The Seattle Times, and other media outlets.

Following the teachings of the Quran which says “stand firm in justice even against yourself and your parents,” (4:135) Haleema speaks truth to power, practices freedom daily, and decolonizes her mind.